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Everyone knows Brighton.   Yeah It’s fast, it’s vibrant and it’s happening.   It’s got a beach, it’s got everything you could want – and it’s got Jacu.

What you don’t know is that the Jacu shop at 15 East Street – was in Quadraphenia! AND the back alleyway where the bad stuff happened is the route from the shop to the carpark!

So we are very famous.

The theatre is one of the best, the restaurants are amazing, and shopping is forever.

Another little gem!


The Marlow shop is the hub of Jacu, positioned beautifully between the famous Tom Kerridge`s Hand and Flowers Michelin star restaurant – and his walk in eatery – The Coach. We`ll never go hungry – and if we feel like popping out for a quick G&T its easy …we are totally surrounded by pubs, restaurants, cafes and bars! We also have a river – the Thames. We have a suspension bridge designed by William Tierney Clark, and we have Steve Redgrave positioned in statue form in the middle of Higginson Park. It’s a Great place to be – that`s why we’re here – at 37 West Street.


So here we are nestled in Weybridge’s famous – Baker Street. No Sherlock Holmes mystery here, just a fabulous eclectic mix of boutiques and restaurants, ultra trendy interior design shops, and a wonderful a chocolatier! For your guilty pleasures. If you are staying over, the super Brooklands Hotel is an absolute WOW, or for a simple riverside glass or 3 …. There’s the Minnow restaurant and Bar.